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carry (suspended) / to carry, to lift, to put forward, (upwards character stroke), lifting (brush stroke in painting), to mention
under, second (of two parts), next (week, etc.), lower, below, underneath, down(wards), to decline, to go down, latter
(past tense marker), to cross, to go over, to pass (time), to live, to get along, (surname)
to ask, to invite, please (do something), to treat (to a meal, etc), to request
(plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)
day, sky, heaven
actually, place
many, much, a lot of, numerous, multi-
(interrog. suff.) / dimi.
small, tiny, few, young
(literary equivalent of 的), (subor. part.), him, her, it
to think, to believe, to suppose, to wish, to want, to miss
obtain, get, allow, permit, ready, finished / a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect, degree or possibility / to have to, must, ought to, to need to
work, worker, skill, profession, trade, craft, labor
to go out, to come out, to occur, to produce, to go beyond, to rise, to put forth, to occur, to happen, (a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)
also, in addition, more, still, else, still, yet, (not) yet / (surname), pay back, return
electric, electricity, electrical
couple, pair, to be opposite, to oppose, to face, for, to, correct (answer), to answer, to reply, to direct (towards something), right
all, both (if two things are involved), entirely (due to)each, even, already / (surname), metropolis, capital city
machine, opportunity, secret