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introduce, lie between, between
effect, efficacy, imitate
head, chief, (a measure word, use with poem)
hostage, substance, nature, quality
example, precedent, rule, case, instance
an interjection, to express realization or agreement (yes, oh, right, etc) / alas, oh dear
office, duty
again, recover, reply to a letter, to repeat, to duplicate
to transport, to lose
festival, section, temperate, point, part
compass, rule
to inject, to pour into, to concentrate, to pay attention, to note, to comment on, to record, to register, to annotate
the whole of, to finish, to complete, complete, full, finished
to research, to check, to investigate, to examine, to refer to, to search / (surname)
heat, to heat up, fervent, hot (of weather), warm up
oil, sly
house, establishment
to stop, to halt
good fortune