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to save, to assist, to rescue
to fall, to collapse, to topple, to change, to fail, bankrupt / upset, turn over, to tip, to pour, to go home, to the contrary, inverted
dear, intimate, parent, relation, closely related / parents-in-law of ones offspring
to do harm to, to cause trouble to, harm, evil, calamity
in confusion, disorderly
ancient, old
a step, a pace, walk, march, stages in a process
a jewel or gem, a treasure, precious
to hit, to strike, to break
to lift, to hold up, to cite, to enumerate, to act, to raise, to choose, to elect
end, finish
(a groaning sound)
stamp, seal, mark, print
limit, bound
according to, depend on, near to
absolutely, decidedly (in negative constructions), break, to judge
hydrogen, light, easy, gentle, soft
bracelet, ring (not for finger), to surround, to loop, loop
interesting, to interest