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(final part.)
duty, responsibility, to reproach, to blame
struggle, fight
soldiers, a force, an army, weapons, arms, military, warlike
wisdom, knowledge
mistake, error, to miss, to harm, to delay, to neglect
border, place, condition, boundary, circumstances, territory
9th of month (tele.), blue-green
to obey, to follow, to arrange, to make reasonable, along, favorable
field, plain, open space, limit, boundary, rude, wild
(surname), ancient place name, distinct, clear, orderly, pain, suffering, (a surname)
expensive, noble, your (name), precious
lose, negative (math. etc.), to bear, to carry (on ones back)
to press, to push down, to keep under (control) / in the first place, to crush
to fit, to suit
be, connection, relation, tie up, bind
side, to lean, to survey, to measure, conjecture
to think of, to cherish, mind, heart, bosom