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right (-hand)
ache, pain, sorrow
army, to deal in, to trade, to operate, to run, camp, nourishment, to manage
younger sister
peaceful, spongy (of radishes)
levy (troops or taxes) / note in Chinese musical scale
to experience, to undergo, to pass through, all, each, every, calendar
official, government
thus, so, like that, you, thou
to press (with the hand), to push, to control, to restrain, to check, pressing down (brush movement in painting), according to, in the light of
ailment, sickness, illness, disease, fall ill, sick, defect
to repair, to patch, to mend, to make up for, to fill (a vacancy), to supplement
to select, to choose, to pick / pick over
to grab, to catch, to arrest, to snatch
10 pecks / rock, stone
year, years old, (a measure word)
M for one of a pair
neck, collar, to lead, to receive