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from, self, oneself, since
and, as well as, but (not), yet (not), (shows causal relation), (shows change of state), (shows contrast)
11p.m.-1a.m., 1st earthly branch, child, midnight, son, child, seed, egg, small thing / (noun suff.)
back, behind, rear, afterwards, after, later
to question, to ask, to interrogate, rapid, speedy, fast, news, information
-ist, -er, -ian, home, family, a person engaged in a certain art or profession
station, to stand, to halt, to stop
heart, mind
(a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.), single, only / only, merely, just, but
to go, to leave, to remove
to know, to be aware
country, state, nation
very, extremely
finish, complete, accomplish, become, turn into, win, succeed, one tenth
letter, true, to believe, sign, evidence
like, same, similar, together, alike, with
carry, what, how, why, which
(surname), chapter, seal, section
direction, way, method, road, path, principle, truth, reason, skill, method, Tao (of Taoism), a measure word, to say, to speak, to talk