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accusation, suit, state, condition, strong, great
wave, breaker, unrestrained, dissipated
to chat, to have a chat, to kill time
to increase, to expand, to add
nuclear, atomic, stone (of fruit)
to arouse, to incite, to excite, to stimulate, sharp, fierce, violent
to preserve, to maintain, to hold together, dimension
six (fraud-proof) / (surname), shore, land, continent
(surname), province of Jiangsu
ox, cow, bull
works, phrases, classical Chinese poem, word, diction
drama, play, show, severe
lodge for the night, old, former / (a) night / constellation
hurried, worried
to hold, to carry (in ones arms), to hug or embrace, surround, cherish
still, calm, quiet, not moving
to attack, to accuse, to study