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loose, pine
quarter (hour), (a measure word), to carve, to engrave, to cut, oppressive
discipline, age, era, period, order, record
retreat, to decline, to move back, to withdraw
already, since, both… (and…)
to keep, to contain
to judge, to sentence, to discriminate, to discern
explain, to release
leather, skin, fur
wave, ripple, storm, surge
to bear, to carry, to hold, to continue, to undertake, to take charge, owing to, due to, to receive
radio- (chem.), shoot
a pile, a mass, heap, stack
do not, there is none who
(door lock) key
to catch up, to overtake, to hurry, to rush, to drive away
beside, one side, other, side, self
pen, pencil, writing brush, to write or compose, the strokes of Chinese characters
(surname), small boat