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piece, chunk, lump, (measure word for chunks, lumps) / yuan (unit of currency), fast (of a watch), swift, rapid, happy, joyful, soon, quick, (a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap)
Chinese, name of a dynasty
to declare, to announce, to spread, to make known, spread, (cotton) cloth
enjoy the beauty of, give
year / to carry, to convey, to load, to hold, and, also, as well as, simultaneously
danger (ous), rugged
sow, scatter, spread, broadcast
to raise, to hoist, to promote, pint
clock, time as measured in hours and minutes, bell
lodge at, to mail, to send, to entrust, to depend
lane, alley / to do, to manage, to handle, to play with, to fool with, to mess with, to fix, to toy with
Broussonetia papyrifera, to construct, to form, to make up, to compose
fussy, talkative / subordinate in a gang of bandits
magnetic, magnetism, porcelain
big, large, great
recommend (a person)
foreign, ocean