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to send out, to show (ones feeling), to issue, to develop
(subor. part. adverbial), -ly / earth, ground, field, place, land
law, method, way, Buddhist teaching, Legalist
-less, not to have, no, none, not, to lack, un-
correct, right, so, thus, like this, -ly
but, yet, however, only, merely, still
to be, to act as, manage, withstand, when, during, ought, should, match equally, equal, same, obstruct, just at (a time or place), on the spot, right, just at / at or in the very same…, to pawn, suitable, adequate, fitting, proper, replace, represent
at, in, in regard to
Used to make declarative sentences a question, morphine
roots or stems of plants, origin, source, this, the current, root, foundation, basis, (a measure word)
appear, present, now, existing, current
before, in front, ago, former, previous, earlier, front
(the) most, -est
real, true, genuine
meso- (chem.), new, newly
and, together with, with, peace, harmony, union / cap (a poem), respond in singing / soft, warm / mix together, to blend
cause, reason, because
fruit, result
idea, meaning, wish, desire