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to delimit, to transfer / to mark off, draw (a line)
to undertake, to carry, to shoulder, to take responsibility / a picul (133.33lbs.), burden, a load, responsibility
to exert, to strive
(surname), outer city wall
apologize, deficient, to regret
to stick, to paste, to keep close to, to fit snugly, allowance
dark, gloomy, hidden, secret
to call, to cry, to shout, to breath out, to exhale
to stop, cease, dismiss, suspend, to quit, to finish / (final part.)
opportunely, coincidentally, as it happens, skillful, timely
to bore through, pierce, perforate, penetrate, pass through, to dress, to wear, to put on, to thread
detailed, comprehensive
(surname), thunder
cooperate, harmonize, to help, to assist, to join
look after, take into consideration, to attend to
every time, meet by chance