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to set, to fix, to determine, to decide, to order
oclock, (a measure word), point, dot, (decimal) point
feeling, emotion, passion, situation
his, her, its, theirs, that, such, it (refers to something preceding it)
topic, subject, to inscribe, to superscribe
matter, thing, item, work, affair
branch of medicine, subject, division, field, branch, family
square, quadrilateral, direction, just
some, few, several, (a measure word)
clear, distinct, complete, pure
manner, pattern, way, appearance, shape
this, these
dumb / (modal particle indicating polite suggestion), …right?, …OK?
position, location, (measure word for persons), place, seat
to regard as, to take (somebody) for, to do, to make
reason, logic, science, inner principle or structure
a row, profession, professional / all right, capable, competent, OK, okay, to go, to do, to travel, temporary, to walk, to go, will do / behavior, conduct
-ist, -er (person), person (who does something)
classics, sacred book, pass through, to undergo, scripture