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name, (measure word for persons), place (e.g. among winners)
(surname), to thank
Japan, day, sun, date, day of the month
Chinese 1st month of year / just (right), main, upright, straight, correct, principle
open, operate (vehicle), start
dialect, language, spoken words, speech, talk, words, conversation, what someone said
(interrog. part.) / and, to give, together with / take part in
real, true, honest, really, solid
to love, affection, to be fond of, to like
again, once more, re-, second, another
flower / (abbreviation for) China, (surname) Hua, magnificent, splendid, flowery / (surname), name of a mountain
city walls, city, town
to use, to act, to move, to change
(particle used for comparison and -er than), to compare, to contrast, to gesture (with hands), ratio / associate with, be near
fade, side, surface, aspect, top, face, flour, noodles
high, tall
(once) again, also, both… and…, again
maybe, perhaps, might, possibly, or