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power, force, strength
ought / (surname), to answer, to respond
female, woman
kind, type, race (of people), seed, type / to grow, to plant
teach / religion, teaching
car, a vehicle, machine, to shape with a lathe / vehicle on land
to divide, minute, (a measure word), (a unit of length = 0.33centimeter) / part
(look) like; similar (to); to look; to appear; to seem; image; portrait
be, system, to tie, department, faculty
length, long, forever, always, constantly / chief, head, elder, to grow, to develop
hand, convenient
nth, number (of times), order, sequence, next, second(ary), (measure word)
already, to stop, then, afterwards
clear, bright, to understand, next
dozen / beat, strike, break, mix up, build, fight, fetch, make, tie up, issue, shoot, calculate, since, from
highest, greatest, too (much), very, extremely
(surname), road, path, way
to rise, to raise, to get up
6th heavenly stem, self
each other, one another, mutually / appearance, portrait, picture