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to own, to host, master, lord, primary
(surname), mountain pass, to close, to shut, to turn off, to concern, to involve
between, among, space, (measure word) / interstice, separate
outside, in addition, foreign, external
(question particle) / woolen material
a nap, a sleep / feel, find that, thinking, awake, aware
to make, to cause, to enable, to use, to employ, messenger
that, the above-mentioned, most likely, to deserve, should, ought to, owe
ability, talent, endowment, gift, an expert, only (then), only if, just
advance, enter, to come in
she, her
the people, nationality, citizen
catch, receive, suffer / (resultat. compl.), ignited, to touch / (having the meaning of attaining or reaching) / part. indicates accompanying action / -ing (indicates an action in progress) / to make known, to show, to prove, to write, book, outstanding / plan, settlement, to wear / to wear (clothes), to contact, to use, apply
each, every
all, whole, entire, every, complete
(will, shall, future tense), ready, prepared, to get, to use / a general