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jag skulle sova
I would sleep
du skulle springa
you would run
vi skulle beställa
we would order
hon skulle tro
she would believe
du skulle försova dig
you would oversleep
vi skulle skynda oss
we would hurry (up)
ni skulle bestämma er
you (pl.) would decide
hon skulle klä sig
she would get dressed
de skulle lägga sig
they would go to bed
han skulle läsa
he would read
hon skulle skriva
she would write
du skulle lära dig
you would learn
jag skulle gilla
I would like (less formal)
jag skulle tycka om
I would like (more formal)
du skulle tycka
you would think (have an opinion)
hon skulle koppla av
she would relax
de skulle bada
they would take a bath
han skulle simma
he would swim
hon skulle sola
she would sunbathe
hon skulle ringa
she would call (phone)
han skulle köra
he would drive
du skulle åka
you would go (by)
vi skulle gå
we would go (walk)
han skulle titta
he would look
de skulle titta på TV
they would watch television