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The Past Tense (51-75)

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jag ville
I wanted (to)
du kunde
you were able (to)
hon måste
she had to
vi behövde
we needed
de brukade
they used to
han bar
he carried
jag öppnade
I opened
du stängde
you closed
hon sade
she said
han frågade
he asked
de svarade
they answered
ni hjälpte
you (pl.) helped
det började
it started
det slutade
it stopped (ended)
vi tvättade
we washed
de levde
they lived (were alive)
hon såg
she saw
jag rörde
I touched
du hörde
you heard
han smakade
he tasted
de lade
they laid (put)
jag lärde
I taught
ni stack
you (pl.) stuck
de spelade
they played
hon sjöng
she sang