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The Past Perfect (51-75)

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jag hade velat
I had wanted (to)
du hade kunnat
you had been able (to)
hon hade måst
she had had to
vi hade behövt
we had needed
de hade brukat
they had been used to
han hade burit
he had carried
jag hade öppnat
I had opened
du hade stängt
you had closed
hon hade sagt
she had said
han hade frågat
he had asked
de hade svarat
they had answered
ni hade hjälpt
you (pl.) had helped
det hade börjat
it had started
det hade slutat
it had stopped (ended)
vi hade tvättat
we had washed
de hade levat
they had lived (been alive)
hon hade sett
she had seen
jag hade rört
I had touched
du hade hört
you had heard
han hade smakat
he had tasted
de hade lagt
they had laid (put)
jag hade lärt
I had taught
ni hade stuckit
you (pl.) had stuck
de hade spelat
they had played
hon hade sjungit
she had sung