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The Past Perfect (76-100)

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han hade suttit
he had sat
hon hade stått
she had stood
jag hade känt
I had known (someone)
du hade vetat
you had known (something)
ni hade träffat
you (pl.) had met
vi hade besökt
we had visited
jag hade tryckt
I had pushed
du hade dragit
you had pulled
hon hade skrikit
she had screamed
han hade gråtit
he had cried
de hade dött
they had died
vi hade hittat
we had found (located)
det hade flugit
it had flown
du hade drömt
you had dreamt
hon hade undrat
she had wondered
han hade tänkt
he had thought (pondered)
jag hade vunnit
I had won
du hade förlorat
you had lost
de hade sålt
they had sold
jag hade väntat
I had waited
du hade haft på dig
you had worn (clothing)
vi hade förlovat oss
we had gotten engaged
ni hade lärt känna
you (pl.) had gotten to know
han hade hatat
he had hated
hon hade älskat
she had loved