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The Past Tense (1-25)

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jag reste
I traveled
han pratade
he spoke
hon bodde
she lived
vi kom
we came
jag var
I was
han hette
he was called
hon fikade
she went for coffee
jag åt
I ate
du tog
you took
han hade
he had
ni drack
you (pl.) drank
de fick
they got (received)
jag tuggade
I chewed
han grillade
he barbecued
hon rensade
she gutted
de lagade mat
they cooked
vi bakade
we baked
jag arbetade
I worked
det kostade
it costed
han köpte
he bought
jag tvättade mig
I washed myself
ni hälsade
you (pl.) greeted
de gav
they gave
vi mådde
we felt (good or bad)
du betalade
you paid