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The Past Tense (26-50)

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jag sov
I slept
du sprang
you ran
vi beställde
we ordered
hon trodde
she believed
du försov dig
you overslept
vi skyndade oss
we hurried (up)
ni bestämde er
you (pl.) decided
hon klädde sig
she got dressed
de lade sig
they went to bed
han läste
he read
hon skrev
she wrote
du lärde dig
you learned
jag gillade
I liked (less formal)
jag tyckte om
I liked (more formal)
du tyckte
you thought (had an opinion)
hon kopplade av
she relaxed
de badade
they took a bath
han simmade
he swam
hon solade
she sunbathed
hon ringde
she called (phoned)
han körde
he drove
du åkte
you went (by)
vi gick
we went (walked)
han tittade
he looked
de tittade på TV
they watched television