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The Perfect Tense (1-25)

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jag har rest
I have traveled
han har pratat
he has spoken
hon har bott
she has lived
vi har kommit
we have come
jag har varit
I have been
han har hetat
he has been called
hon har fikat
she has gone for coffee
jag har ätit
I have eaten
du har tagit
you have taken
han har haft
he has had
ni har druckit
you (pl.) have drunk
de har fått
they have gotten
jag har tuggat
I have chewed
han har grillat
he has barbecued
hon har rensat
she has gutted
de har lagat mat
they have cooked
vi har bakat
we have baked
jag har arbetat
I have worked
det har kostat
it has costed
han har köpt
he has bought
jag har tvättat mig
I have washed myself
ni har hälsat
you (pl.) have greeted
de har gett
they have given
vi har mått
we have felt
du har betalat
you have paid