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The Perfect Tense (26-50)

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jag har sovit
I have slept
du har sprungit
you have run
vi har beställt
we have ordered
hon har trott
she has believed
du har försovit dig
you have overslept
vi har skyndat oss
we have hurried (up)
ni har bestämt er
you (pl.) have decided
hon har klätt sig
she has gotten dressed
de har lagt sig
they have gone to bed
han har läst
he has read
hon har skrivit
she has written
du har lärt dig
you have learned
jag har gillat
I have liked (less formal)
jag har tyckt om
I have liked (more formal)
du har tyckt
you have thought (have had an opinion)
hon har kopplat av
she has relaxed
de har badat
they have taken a bath
han har simmat
he has swum
hon har solat
she has sunbathed
hon har ringt
she has called (phoned)
han har kört
he has driven
du har åkt
you have gone (by)
vi har gått
we have gone (walked)
han har tittat
he has looked
de har tittat på TV
they have watched television