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Tervist. Siin räägib Tõnu Tamm. Vabandage, palun, kas see on Pireti korter?
Hello. This is Tõnu Tamm speaking. Excuse me, please, is that Piret’s flat?
On küll.
It is.
Kas Piret on kodus?
Is Piret at home?
Ei ole.
No, she isn’t.
Ega te ei tea, kus ta on?
And you don’t know where she is?
Ta on linnas.
She’s in town.
Millal ta tuleb?
When is she coming (back)?
Ta tuleb varsti. Helistage natukene hiljem!
She’s coming soon. Ring a little later!
Aitäh. Head aega!
Thanks. Goodbye!
Head aega!