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Nepali-ma - kasari bhannu hunchha?
how do you say - in Nepali?
malai thaahaa chhaina
I don't know
ma bujina
I don't understand
I understand
pheri bolnuhos
please speak more slowly
kati bajyo?
what time is it?
yo bas kati baje jaanchha?
what time does this bus leave?
yo bas kati baje Kathmandu-ma pugchha?
what time does this bus arrive in Kathmandu?
- ke bhanchha?
what does - mean?
yo kati parchha?
how much does this cost?
OK, sure thing (informal)
OK, sure thing (formal)
ekchin parkhanuhos
wait a minute
hami ali ali Nepali bolchhau
we speak a little bit of Nepali
yaslai ke bhanchha?
what is this called?