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1967-1991 events

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Search for peace
Outer space treaty
No missiles allowed in outer space
Nuclear non-proliferation treaty
Neither side could help develop or supply nukes to other countries
Apollo soyuz mission
Joint space mission, co-op as a pose to earlier space race.
No more short range missiles, limited nukes for each side, submarines not allowed till all ballistic missiles gone. it was the first full co-op and limited nuclear capability
Helsinki conference
Different countries came together to discuss: a greater co op in trade and terrorism fighting, respecting human rights, agreement on borders, freedom and limited superpower conflict
Kabul revolution
New communist government in Afghanistan and the president became an ally of USSRs. Some religious groups became angered by socialist reforms and a civil war broke out.
USSR invade
As part of Brezhnev doctrine. Prevent the country pulling away from communism. They thought USA would tolerate it.
Carter doctrine
Would not allow USSR to take control- it was military aid to defend national interest.
Talks to limit missiles but USA refused to sign as they said USSR wouldn't stick to the terms.
The USA gave them weapons to fight off communism
Ronald reagan
New president.Thought detente was a disaster
Evil empire speech
Reagan said USSR were the evil empire and the USA needed more weapons to become stronger and could fight a war in Europe.
Laser satellite that Reagan imposed in space to prevent missiles hitting USA. It broke detente and trust between superpowers
Chernobyl disaster
Nuclear power plant exploded, Gorbachev tried to cover it up but needed help. People lost faith in communism
Second detente
Strategic arms reduction talks began to create peace.
Geneva summit
No agreement over sdi but peace was developed between superpowers
Reykjavik summit
Neither side came to an agreement as neither would do what other wanted
Washington summit
INf treaty signed
INF treaty
Stopped nukes being kept and ensured security through political and economic welfare.
Means restructuring. Was one of gorbachevs reforms for the economy of USSR
Means openness. Gorbachev relaxed press censorship
Poland + Hungary
Held free elections to get out of communism
Had the Velvet Revolution and overthrew communism
Berlin Wall down
Came down because public were escaping through Hungary anyway. It created the reunification of germany
End of Warsaw pact
No United communist states so no purpose
Gang of 8 coup
Took over while Gorbachev was out of the country and prevented him returning. Overthrew reforms but Yeltsin defeated over three days
Gorbachev resigned
Christmas Day 1991 as he knew Yeltsin would be a better leader now that communism had definitely gone.