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tear up
destroy by tearing(harap etmek)
think over
consider(üzerinde düşünmek)
think up
track down
search for and find(izini aramak)
trade in
give as part payment(yenisi ile değiştirmek)
try on
test clothes by putting them on(prova etmek,denemek)
try out
test by using(denemek)
turn away
refuse admission(geri çevirmek)
turn back
reverse direction(geri dönmek)
turn off
deactivate by using a switch(kapamak,söndürmek)
turn on
activate by using a switch(açmak)
water down
wear out
gradually destroy by using(eskitmek)
write down
make a note(not etmek)
write off
cancel, regard as(silmek,iptal etmek)
write up
compose in writing(hikâyesini yazmak)
drum up
raise(canlandırmak,davul sesiyle çağırmak,yapmaya çalışmak)
paper over
repair superficially(yüzeysel onarmak)
smooth over