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go through with
fulfill, carry out(yürütmek,tamamlamak)
grow out of
become too big far(büyüyüp sığmamak)
hold out for
not compromise(her şeyi reddetmek)
keep up with
be on the same level as(yetişmek,ayak uydurmak)
lead up to
be a preparation for(zemin hazırlamak,sözü getirmeye çalışmak)
live up to
montain a standard(belli bir düzeye erişmek )
log on to
contact a computer(oturum açmak)
look down on
regard as inferior(küçümsemek)
look forward to
anticipate( sabırsızlıkla beklemek)
look out for
watch for(aramak )
look up to
admire(hayranlık duymak)
make up for
compensate for(telafi etmek)
pull out of
(leave (of vehicles))(bırakmak,çekilmek)
push on with
go ahead, continue(ilerlemek)
put up with
endure, tolerate(tahammül etmek)
read up on
read about(okumaya devam etmek)
rub off on
acquire from someone((huyunu) almak)
run up against
send away for
order by mail(sipariş etmek)
stick up for
defend, support( desteklemek)