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Food - Tapas

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La paella
typical Spanish rice dish containing a mixture of fish shellfish meat (pork rabbit) or poultry (chicken)
Las tapas
small portions of meals
Las albondigas
El gazpacho
cold tomato soup
La tortilla
potato and egg omelette
Los boquerones
little fish usually in a mixture of olive oil and vinegar
Pan catalan
slices of bread rubbed with tomatoes
Lals aceitunas
El allioli
garlic mayonnaise dip
los calamares
squid rings
los chopitos
whole baby squid
el chorizo
Spanish sausage
el aceite de oliva
olive oil
las croquetas
el solomillo
pork scallops
el pulpo
el pincho
kebab (meat on a stick not a doner kebab)
queso manchego
cheese from the region of La Mancha made from sheep milk
los pimientos de padrón
small green peppers from Padrón (area in A Coruña in Galicia) fried or served raw that are usually mild but some are quite spicy
patatas bravas
fried potato chunks served with spicy sauce