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Rise to Power Luck
Hadn't been there long when Henry was looking for 'new blood' and key figures like Archbishop Warham stepped down, so he could move into important positions easily.
Rise to Power Skill
Cleverly changed his views to suit Henry's and appointed people who supported him below him. Also did all the paperwork for Henry, keeping him happy and himself liked.
Alter Rex Yes
Wolsey made lots of legal decisions without Henry like the Star Chamber and Enclosure.
Alter Rex Yes
Skelton's poems even if they were satirical, show he did have a lot of power.
Alter Rex Yes
The foreign policy of the time tended to follow papal policy as well and he was the papal Legate.
Alter Rex No
Wolsey still had to manipulate Henry to do what he wanted.
Alter Rex No
There were occasions in 1522, 1528 where Henry overrode Wolsey and did what he wanted.
Civil over Common Law Good
Allowed laws to be adapted according to the situation meaning they were fairer and problems could be ironed out.
Civil over Common Law Bad
Used the laws to carry out vendettas against nobility and they died out with the death of Wolsey as well.
Star Chamber Good
Fairer to poor people and showed the government to be more accessible and open to them.
Star Chamber Bad
Used for his personal vendettas against nobility like Northumberland and created a huge backlog as there was too many people to see. Again died with Wolsey as well.
Enclosure Good
In 1517 he ordered many rich landowners to redistribute land more equally to peasants.
Enclosure Bad
The nobility felt they were being attacked again and others thought it was holding back the economy too.
Financial Policies Good
Replaced old fifteenths and tenths system with subsidy tax which was fairer for the individual and in the long run gained more money even if it took longer to raise.
Financial Policies Bad
Nobility hated it as they had to pay more and he still had to borrow from parliament anyway. The books weren't able to be balanced either against foreign policy and the Amicable Grant Riots of 1525 show this.
Downfall Enemies at Court
All the nobles hated him for what he had done against them including Suffolk and Norfolk and they didn't like how he was low born as well but had more power than them. Anne also never forgave him for breaking her up with Henry Percy years ago.
Downfall Mistakes
Annoyed the nobles a lot making plenty of enemies. Amicable Grant Riots as well and the Diplomatic Revolution of 1525. His vices and pluralism also contributed.
Downfall Annulment
Failed to get what Henry wanted most and resolve the Great Matter so he paid the price for it.
Writers George Cavendish
Was his servant and loved him for years. Wrote a book making Wolsey look very successful and important too.
Writers John Skelton
Satirical poet of the time, made fun of him and was friendly with all the nobles.
Writers Edward Hall
Not a big fan but not too negative either, he was a francophobe though so he disliked the Diplomatic Revolution a lot.
Writers Polydore Vergil
Hated him a lot, they had a personal feud between each other and he was even put in prison by Wolsey.