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socially constructed
something built or made by society
tripple burden
the idea that women have three responsibilities- emotion work, paid work and housework. (duncombe and marsden
'new man'
the idea that roles are changing and men are now more intouched with feminin side and engaging in housework
man yee kan
found that how much you get paid affects how much housework you do
trend towards equality woment who didnt work do 83% of housework women who work full time do 73%
trend towards greater eauality with men doing more traditional women tasks
as womens earning power increases relitive to mens, men do more in the home
silver + schor
commercialisation of housework and women working means they can afford good - burdon of housework decreases
commercialisation of housework
women are now working so can afford freezers, dishwashers, ready meals ect
commercialisation of housework has seen the death of the housewife
ferri and smith
dual burden - housework and emotion work
crisis of masculinity
not needed for childcare, factories closed replaced with service industries which is more female based, so unemployed
arber and ginn
working class unable to afford childcare so remain trapped in low paid part time jobs
gregson and lowe
middle class women in well paid jobs can afford domestic help
women more likely to care for a sick child (labour of love)
duncombe and marsden
tripple shift - paid work, housework and emotion work
gender scripts
a set of expectations within hetrosexual relationships
division of labour continues because of deeply engraved gender scripts
women from low income families denied their own needs to make ends meet
joint bank account
allowence system
budgets given to wife
pahl + vogler
identify 2 ways of controlling income - pooling and allowence systems
studied 30 dual careers professional couples and found men made the important decisions