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domestic violence

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coleman et al
women are more likely to suffered 'intimate violence' (partner/ family abuse sexual abuse and staking
mirrlees black (women)
most victems are women, 99% commited by men, 1 in 4 have been asulted by a partner
dobash and dobash
domestic violence could be set off by what husbands saw as a challenge to his authority
an average of 35 assults took place before going to the police
reluctance is due to the fact that police and other state organisations are not prepared to become involved in the family
millett and firestone
violence against women is part of the system that maintains mens power
not all men are violent and most opose violence
mirrless black (men)
1 in 7 men have been assulted (might be ashamed to admit)
domestic violence is the result of stress caused by inequality