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1771 - 1785

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A sense of shame or embarrassment, especially with regard to matters of a sexual or personal nature
Norse mythology: The horn belonging to Heimdall; the sound could be heard in all nine worlds
excessive flow of saliva
light seen in fog
Bight of Benin
A bight on the western African coast that extends from Cape St. Paul to the outlet of the Niger River
Marin Amat's syndrome
An involuntary facial movement in which the eyes close when the mouth opens or when the jaws move in mastication, resulting from a facial nerve paralysis
Persian Gulf
Medieval Arabian Seven Seas: Sea of Fars
Anglo-Saxon festival of the wheat harvest, traditionally celebrated on August 1. It is traditional to bring a loaf made with the new crop to church on this day.
one who distributes alms, especially the doles and alms of religious houses, almshouses;
34 - 23 mya
Geologic time scale: Oligocene Epoch
sulphur-bottom whale
The blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus
quid pro quo
Latin: what for what
Krona (ISK)
Currency of Iceland
Lowercase psi
Greek alphabet: ψ
Franc de la Communaute financiere africaine (XAF)
Currency of Benin