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1921 - 1935

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numbness of a limb; a limb "going asleep"
Lowercase kappa
Greek alphabet: κ
vade mecum
Latin: go with me
marriage broker
A tribe living in the north of Zimbabwe, in which a minority have a condition of ectrodactyly in which the middle three toes are absent and the two outer toes turned in, resulting in “ostrich feet”.
doctrine of signatures
Medieval theory that states medicinal herbs should resemble the body part they heal
Austral (ARA)
Currency: of Argentina
Educated people considered as a group; the literati.
323 BC
Date: Death of Alexander the Great
299 - 251 mya
Geologic time scale: Permian Period
Standard Model: Fermion with three quarks
a type of secondary school in Europe
mutatis mutandis
Latin: the necessary changes having been made
A contradiction in related terms or ideas. Usually an inconsistency in syllogisms, of a person or group supposedly of one set of ideals
Sexual enjoyment (French)