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William I (Hohenzollern)
German Monarch: 1871 - 1888
Clouds: Abbreviation: Ac
Chatham House Rule
Rule that ensures anonymity of information sources during international meetings
1933 - Apr 12, 1945
Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt
pax vobiscum
Latin: peace [be] with you
An excessive curvature of the spine, causing a hollow in the back
Rouble (RUB)
Currency of the Russian Federation
Lira (TRY)
Currency of Turkey
Offensive odor of the axillae (armpits)
Capital: Kyrgyzstan
an unhappy marriage
Clouds: Thin filament type clouds, can be straight or slightly curved
218-202 BC
Date: Second Punic War
The separation of parts of a compound word by an intervening word or words, heard mainly in informal speech (e.g., a whole nother story; shove it back any-old-where in the pile)
Low Frequency (LF)
Electromagnetic Spectrum: 10 km