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in flagrante delicto
Latin: while the crime is blazing (caught red-handed)
Tempo markings: moderately fast (but less so than allegro)
The influence that one powerful country may have on the policies of a smaller neighboring country, generally considered to be pejorative.
1.6 clicks
Conversion: 1 mile to clicks
"Lame duck amendment" - term commencements for Congress and President (1933)
20th Amendment
Labrador Sea
Sea separating the Labrador Peninsula and Greenland
Leydig cells
Cells in the testicles that produce testosterone in the presence of luteinizing hormone (LH)
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Seven Ancient Wonders: Chaldeans, ~600BC (?)
Clouds: Abbreviation: Cc
505 mya
Vertebrates evolve
a professional position within a theatre company that deals mainly with research and development of plays
To thicken or congeal; made less fluid by evaporation
Capital of Bermuda
felo de se
“Felon of himself” (Latin); archaic legal term meaning suicide.