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petty, worthless, paltry
A long-legged lynxlike cat (Felis caracal) with black tufted ears and a uniform brown coat, native to Africa and western Asia.
Sea of Galilee
Largest freshwater lake in Israel; main source is Jordan River
tabes dorsalis
a slow degeneration (specifically, demyelination) of the sensory neurons in the dorsal columns of the spinal cord that carry afferent information about proprioception, vibration, and discriminative to
dorade box
A type of vent that permits the passage of air in and out of the cabin or engine room of a boat while keeping rain, spray and sea wash out.
Roman God: Women, Marriage
A German word that refers to a city neighborhood, a relatively small community within a larger town. It is mainly used in Berlin and northern Germany.
Capital of Sudan
the transport of goods over a short distance
Egyptian deity: The sun and creator deity
Euro (EUR)
Currency of Belgium
Egyptian deity: Falcon-headed god of the sky, pharaohs, war and protection
0.2 mya
Date: Homo sapiens sapiens evolves
Capital Psi
Greek alphabet: Ψ
(esp in ancient Egypt) a temple or tomb cut into a rock face