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Capital Rho
Greek alphabet: Ρ
A valley head created through glacial erosion and with a shape similar to an amphitheatre.
aqua fortis
Latin: strong water (nitric acid)
Date: Aztec Triple Alliance
196 BC
Date: Rosetta Stone inscribed with decree by King Ptolemy V
Latin: flourished (fl.)
reddish brown
Xia Dynasty
Chinese Dynasty: 2070 - 1600 BC
A fly-flapper or whisk originally made from the bushy tail of a yak
a pattern of temperament that is marked by predominance of social over intellectual or physical factors and exhibits conviviality, tolerance, complacency, and love of food
Pound (LBP)
Currency of Lebanon
Lingua Ignota
“Unknown language” (Latin) - an invented language of Hildegard of Bingen, who apparently used it for mystical purposes. She used an alphabet of 23 letters, the litterae ignotae.
Capital of Benin
Alienation or social instability caused by erosion of standards and values.
a priori
Latin: from the former (presupposed independent of evidence)