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aqua regia
Latin: royal water (hydrochloric acid and nitric acid)
(of a plant ovule) completely inverted; turned back 180 degrees on its stalk.
That binds a compound on an inactive site and thus changes conformation in order to become either active or inactive
Charles VII (Wittelsbach)
German Monarch: 1742 - 1745
Defines citizenship, deals with post-Civil War issues (1868)
14th Amendment
Cambric; a fine cloth made from cotton or linen
23 Aug - 22 Sep
Zodiac Dates: Virgo
architectural foliage
Greek God: Underworld, Darkness
Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
Electromagnetic Spectrum: 300 MHz - 3 GHz
Special Pleading
Logical Fallacy: Person A claims that he is exempt from conclusion C, despite giving no justification
a light shoe having an upper made of fabric and a sole of rope
Date: Louis Pasteur's pasteurization
A section of wall or a pillar between two openings, esp. a pillar dividing a large doorway in a church.
Describing the lowest possible temperature at which a mixture of substances solidifies or melts