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An elephant hook, used as an aid for handling elephants, especially in India.
the formation of a normal plant or animal structure or organ in place of another at an abnormal site; the transformation of one body part to another.
rem acu tetigisti
You have touched the point with a needle
mental dullness
(Yiddish) a confused situation or affair; a mess
Prohibition of restriction of voting rights due to non-payment of poll taxes (1964)
24th Amendment
Dirham (AED)
Currency of United Arab Emirates
in re
Latin: in the matter (of)
A rare disorder in which the patient sweats blood and/or blood pigments
exempli gratia
Latin: for example (e.g.)
2nd Pillar of Islam: sunset prayer
A cone or pyramid whose tip has been truncated by a plane parallel to its base; A region of a sphere delimited by two parallel planes.
Tempo comodo
Tempo markings: at a comfortable speed