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A parasitic disease of camels and other mammals caused by trypanosomes, transmitted by biting flies and occurring chiefly in North Africa and Asia
e pluribus unum
Latin: one (coming) out of many
a pattern of temperament that is marked by predominance of physical over social or intellectual factors, aggressiveness, love of physical activity, vigor, and alertness
A prehistoric burial mound or barrow of a type found in southern Russia and Ukraine.
Dinar (DZD)
Currency of Algeria
The German name for Bratislava prior to 1919
St. Peter Port
Capital of Guernsey
A type of pebble that has three curved faces formed by wind-blown sand
Apollonian gasket
A fractal generated from triples of circles, where each circle is tangent to the other two. It is named after Greek mathematician Apollonius of Perga.
Japanese Island (Matsuyama)
Bologna stone
The radiating form of baryte, BaSO4, which gained notoriety among alchemists for its phosphorescent properties in the 17th century.
Norse mythology: Balder's blind brother, who unintentionally killed him
Norse mythology: The wolf that pursues Mani, the moon
Barents Sea
Sea of Arctic Ocean, located north of Norway and Russia