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Largest single-celled organisms (~4 in. diameter)
ignis fatuus
Latin: foolish fire (Will-o'-the-wisp)
Phnom Penh
Capital of Cambodia
Comic mask
Muse Emblem: Thalia
Zodiac: The Twins
Capital of Liberia
Bay of Bengal
Medieval Arabian Seven Seas: Sea of Harkand
2.1 bya
Date: Eukaryotes evolve
A part of a newspaper or magazine devoted to fiction, criticism, or light literature.
Arafura Sea
Sea between Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
3500 - 1700 BC
Date: Chalcolithic
0.30 m
Conversion: 1 foot to meters
Composer lifetime: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Tempo markings: extremely fast (>200 bpm)
US Dollar (USD)
Currency of Palau