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The Whigs and the Reform Bill

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November 1830
The Whigs came to power.
March 1831
The first reform bill presented to the Commons.
April 1831
The first bill was rejected.
May 1831
General Election: the Whigs won by a large majority.
June 1831
The second bill presented to the commons.
September 1831
The second bill passed by the commons.
October 1831
The Lords rejected the second bill, prompting nationwide riots.
December 1831
Whigs introduced a third reform bill to the commons, passing with a 2:1 majority.
May 1832
The Whig government resigns following rejection of the third bill by the House of Lords, leading to the 'Days of May'.
14th May 1832
The Whigs returned to power.
June 1832
The Great Reform Act was passed