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How much?
Pila kini?
How much is this?
Pila kana?
How much is that?
Taas ra ang presyo.
The price is high.
Makahangyo ba ako?
Can I bargain?
Pila ang katapusang presyo?
How much is the last price?
Mahal kaayo!
Very costly!
Barato kaayo!
Very cheap!
Ang presyo barato.
The price is cheap.
Ang presyo sakto ra.
The price is right.
Bag-o ba kini?
Is this new?
Bago ba kana?
Is that new?
Lab–as ba kini?
Is this fresh?
Lab–as ba kana?
Is that fresh?
Daan ba kini?
Is this old?
Daan ba kana?
Is that old?
Ang gamay.
The small one.
Ang dako.
The big one.
Ang mubo.
The short one.
Ang taas.
The long one.
Ang naa sa atbang.
The one in front.
Ang naa sa tunga.
The one in the middle.
Ang naa sa luyo.
The one at the back.
Ang pula.
The red one.
Ang puti.
The white one.
Ang itom.
The black one.
Ako kining paliton.
I will buy this.
Ako kanang paliton.
I will buy that.
Palihug, ipalit ko’g pan.
Please, buy me (some) bread.
Palihug, ipalit ko’g sinina.
Please, buy me (some) dress.
Unsaon nimo pagbaligya niana?
How do you sell that?
Unsaon nimo pagpalit niana?
How do you buy that?
Gusto ko kana.
I like that.
Gusto ko kini.
I like this.