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Who? – Kinsa?

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Kinsa ka?
Who are you?
Ako si Ciprianne Teo.
I am Ciprianne Teo.
Kinsa ang imong mga ginikanan?
Who are your parents?
Kinsa ang imong higala?
Who is your friend?
Kinsa ang kauban mo?
Who is your companion?
Kinsa ang mouban nako?
Who will go with me?
Kinsa ang manguban kanato?
Who will go with us?
Kinsa’y magpaabot kanato?
Who will wait for us?
Ang dili uban kanako batok kanako.
Who is not with me is against me.
Kinsa kanang lalakiha nga nagtan–aw kanimo?
Who is that man looking at you?
Kinsa’y nagsulti kanimo?
Who told you?
Kinsa’y naghatag kanimo niana?
Who gave you that?
Kinsa’y nagpadala niining sulat?
Who sent this letter?
Kinsa’y miagda kanimo?
Who invited you?
Kinsa’y midaog sa dula?
Who won the game?