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Common Expressions - Dayag o naandan nga Linitokan

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Tinuod ba?
Ma-o ba?
Is that so?
Heaven forbid!
Kon buut sa Dios.
God willing
Sa imong gusto.
As you like it
Ikaw ang bahala.
It’s up to you.
Bahala na.
Its up to luck.
Ako’y bahala.
I’ll take care of it.
Bisan unsa’y mahitabo.
Happen what may.
Ayaw wad–a ang paglaum.
Do not lose hope
What you may call it.
Ako nahibulong, ngano?
I am wondering, why?
Sige na lang.
Never mind.
Pulus binuang.
It’s all baloney.
Katahom sa kabuntagon!
How beautiful is the morning!
Ayay, kaayo!
Wow, how nice!
Ayay, ka-guapa!
Wow, how beautiful!
Ayay, pagkatam–is ba!
Wow, how sweet!
Nalingaw kita, da!
What a good time we had!