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Monetary Terms - Panalapi

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salapi; kwarta
manunukli; tig-ilis og kwarta
money changer
tigpahulam og salapi; tigpatanto
money lender
pamaylo’g salapi
money exchange
hiro postal
money order
kwartang papel
paper money
salaping plata
silver money
fond of money
daghan og sapi; sapian
plenty of money
earnest money
grease money, hush–money; bribe money
money change
Hipusa ang sukli.
Keep the change
Ihatag ang sukli.
Give the change
money in coins
alkansiya; kahon kun; sudlanan sa kwarta
money box
puyo sa salapi; puntil sa salapi
money bag
Pangita’g kwarta.
Look for money
May kwarta ka ba?; Duna ka ba’y kwarta?
Have you any money?
Wala gayud ako’y bisan unsa’ng kwarta.
I haven’t any money at all
Apura sila’g pisos; Tagai’g pisos ang matag usa.
Give them one peso apiece