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kupiga kelele
to make noise (v. inf.)
kupiga kengele
to ring a bell (v. inf.)
kupiga kiki
to kickstart (v. inf.)
kupiga kura
to vote (to punch a ballot) (v. inf.)
kupiga magoti
to kneel (v. inf.)
kupiga makofi
to clap (v. inf.)
kupiga miayo
to yawn (v. inf.)
kupiga mluzi
to blow a whistle (v. inf.)
kupiga mstari
to draw a line (v. inf.)
kupiga pasi nguo
to iron clothes (v. inf.)
kupiga picha
to take a photograph (v. inf.)
kupiga randa
to plane (carpentry) (v. inf.)
kupiga simu
to make a phone call (v. inf.)
kupiga sindano
to give an injection (v. inf.)
kupiga teke
to kick (v. inf.)
to fight (v. inf.) (reciprocal)
kupigia simu
to make a phone call (to someone or somewhere) (v. inf.) (prepositional)
to cook (v. inf.)
to examine, test, measure (v. inf.)
to bend, twist (v. inf.)