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Failure to react to Nationalism

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Stresa Front
prevented the first attempt at Anschluss, but ended after Abyssinia.
reaction to Abyssinia
No B&F military involvement out of fear of diplomatic consequences, League imposed very little sanctions.
reaction to German Foreign Policy
GP did nothing to prevent rearmament, Saar plebiscite, militarisation of the Rhineland, Anschluss, Sudeten Crisis.
reaction to Spanish Civil War
No intervention made B&F look weak to Germany, Italy and Stalin.
arms race
started an arms race with Germany too late, also prepared for war.
failure of appeasement
Britain tried to give Germany African colonies to prevent eastern expansion, but was declined (Hossbach memorandum)
reaction to Poland
finally declared war over the invasion of Poland - by this point they could do little to prevent German expansion.