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mama kollek
im a boy
mama kellek
im a girl
mama usai
im tall
mama usa kollek
im a tall boy
mama kota kellek
im a short girl
mama lassana kellek
im a pretty girl
oya lassanai
you are pretty
oya lassana kellek
you are a pretty girl
oya usai
you are tall
oya usa kollek
you are a tall boy
oya lassanai usai
you are pretty and tall
api manussayo
we are people
api lassanai
we are pretty
api lassana kello
we are pretty girls
eya lassanai
he/she is pretty
eya kathai
he/she is ugly
eyala usai
they are tall
eyala mahathai
they are fat
uu lassanai
it is pretty
uu kotai
it is short
oya saha mama usai
you and me tall
oya saha mama lassanai
you and me pretty
oya saha mama dennama lassanai
you and me both pretty
uu kota naa
it is not short
api usa naa
we are not tall
mama kata naa
i am not ugly
oya lassana naa mama lassanai
you are not pretty i am pretty
oya usa naa mama usai
you are not tall i am tall
oya saha mama dennama usa naa
you and me both not tall